From Katy perry to Beyonce- Cultural appropriation– who’s not doing it anyway??

“Cultural appropriation” has become a hot topic over the past few years and the misunderstanding of it has led to cultural segregation more than anything else. However, the concept of cultural appropriation is legit. Negatively borrowing from other cultures and exploiting them should be a concern.

Want examples of cultural appropriation? Blackface parties still happen on college campuses. When non-black fraternity members paint themselves black, grab their balls, and sing in a ghetto accent, that’s cultural appropriation. When a non-Indian person goes to a costume party, paints a red dot on their head, and wears a turbin (which has a deep significance and has to be earned in Indian culture), that’s cultural appropriation.

When Iggy Azalea and Selena Gomez did the same thing, they were figuratively burned alive by the internet. Beyoncé has received some criticism, but has been largely defended for doing something that should be far more offensive to social justice warriors than what the other pop acts did.

The Huffington Post, the site that has written tons of clickbait articles about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry allegedly insulting other cultures, goes very light on Beyoncé.

“Beyoncé Is A Kaleidoscopic Vision In Coldplay’s ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ Video,” the title flashes across the front page. The article goes on to praise Beyoncé’s appearance and inform readers that many Indians love Coldplay. Many commenters under the article notice the double standard.