7 Deadliest Ancient War strategies of India that we ought to know to Reclaim our Glorious Past

At different circumstances amid fight, the supreme commander of either armed force demand special formations (“vyuhas”). Every arrangement had a particular reason; some were cautious while others were hostile. Every formation had its particular qualities and shortcomings.

This is some of the deadliest different military formations of Mahabharata that you should know:

1. Chakra Vyuhas – Formation of concentric circles in layers


Chakravyuh can be named as the most splendid military strategy of all time. Chakra signifies “turning wheel” and “vyuha” implies arrangement. Thus, chakravyuha implies the confounded game plan of warriors that continues moving as a turning wheel. Rotation of soldiers is fundamentally the same as a helix of a screw commonly observed watches. The most noted chakravyuha in Mahabharata war was organised by Drona, one of the sharpest military strategists of his period. The goal was to take yudhisthira, the pioneer of the Pandavas, as wartime captive.


2. Chakra Shakata Vyuha – Formation of a cartwheel


Chakra Shakata Vyuha is a cautious formation that was utilised by Drona on the fourteenth day of Mahabharata war to ensure Jayadratha. In this formation, ruler or any VIP minister that should be shielded from the enemy is set at the focal point of the arrangement and is encompassed by a roundabout formation of a soldier, elephants and infantry. Mounted force shaped the internal bit of the formation while elephants monitored the external side of the development.

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