7 Deadliest Ancient War strategies of India that we ought to know to Reclaim our Glorious Past

3. Mandala vyuha – Circular formation


Bhisma picked ‘Mandala Vyuha’ formation on the seventh day of the war. Mandala Vyuha is a cautious formation that is extremely hard to infiltrate for the rival armed force. The commander-in-chief, arranged at the focal point of the formation, for the most part, leads the armed force and is encompassed by a few little group of armed force men, every group lead by a Maharathi (One who can vanquish a great many warriors with a solitary strike).

4. Vajra vyuha – In the shape of the thunderbolt formation


Pandava picked “Vajra Vyuha” to counter Mandala Vyuha formation. This formation was additionally utilised on the first day of the war. In this formation, all maha-rathis are arranged at the focal point of the square formation and are encompassed by infantry from all sides. Dhristyadhumna lead the formation and was followed by the five Pandavas.

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