A Kashmiri pandit hugging people of all religion to spread peace and trust in society

It was just while ago when nation was feeling the heat of so called intolerance debate suddenly a fresh breeze came from Kashmir valley. People started a hug campaign where-in a Kashmiri Pandit stood blindfolded in the heart of the city inviting people to hug him to showcase brotherhood between various communities in the Valley despite of the mass killings of kashmiri pandits in Kashmir valley by islamic terrorists in & around 1992.

Sandeep Mawa is a doctor by profession, he stood at Press Colony asking people to hug him.
He was accompanied by members from Sikh and majority Muslim community, who hugged people inspite of their faith to spread awareness .

Kashmere pandit 2

Sandeep Mawa is the chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Reconciliation Front on this occasion he said, “We all humans are the same, when god made us the same then why should we create any division among ourselves, we want this message of peace to be sent across the globe.

The aim of his organisation is to spread brotherhood, healthy dialogues with another communities and to create bridges between all religious faiths.