Clean Bold!! An open letter to CM Arvind Kejriwal on AAP’s car restriction by a young delhi Girl

picture for representational purpose only.

Dear Mr. Chief Minister,

As silly as Delhi Govt gets everytime, now, Before this most idiotic plan comes to action, I would like to ask a few questions before your tughlaqi farman gets approval of ‘sheeples’ of Delhi.

Has Delhi govt considered :-

1. All parts of delhi be connected well with public transport?

2. No auto walas throw tantrums and run by appropriate cost. Knowing this change, they can ask for more because we lack governance there.

3. Women safety??? Nirbhaya case and many more after that…just because the poor girl opted for public transport. Is govt considering this?

4. Till when will metros run? Last metro still be at same time, learn from other countries how they run metros n trams for longer n better.

5. I have a meeting to attend sharp at something xyz, buses we know how they run..metros too are unpredictable, can they ensure public transport being effective n on time. In other countries, if the chart says 11:29 the bus is there at that time, ample space to adjust people to sit and no one hangs outside.

6. For those who are differently abled, can u ensure your system will work well to accommodate their needs? Can you ensure your bus drivers and metro staff will be considerate n sensitive enough? Well in other countries it is…

Stop bringing the changes unless your infrastructure, thinking and ability to deliver is not of those standards. First set up a changed environment and then bring in such policy

-Shikha Bhatia