AAPtard Youtuber Abhishek Mishra tried to defame Modi ji and this is how he was caught red lying by Twitterati

Famous YouTube celebrity and also a well known AAPTard, Abhishek Mishra who was earlier known on YouTube for giving really good speeches on social issues like corruption and terrorism but ever since he met Kejriwal, he seems to have been infected by Khujliwal Virus  and becoming more and more staunch AAPtard.

Today, he tried to play over smart by trying to misinform the public on Social Media and all of a sudden BJP MP Giriraj singh and many other active Social Media geeks came on his twitter wall and thrashed him badly by exposing his false agenda completely.

नोटबंदी के मुद्दे पर एक युवक के फंसी लगाने की झूठी खबर को आप समर्थक Youtuber अभिषेक मिश्र ने जम कर फैलाया और फिर ट्विटर पर ही गया मोदी जी के खिलाफ उसकी साजिश का भंडाफोड़ 

अगले पेज पर देखें कैसे हुआ अभिषेक मिश्र की झूठी खबर का भंडाफोड़ और उसकी हुई बुरी बेइज्जती 

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