#Appwapsi -Snapdeal suffers reputational loss due to Aamir khan’s remark over intolerance.

snapdeal takes a hit over aamir khan's insensitive comment on intolerance

Online retailer Snapdeal is in trouble because of Actor Aamir khan’s  remark over alleged ‘intolerance’ in india, which he recently discovered after his fellow ‘Khan’ brother Shahrukh khan also commented a couple of weeks ago about growing intolerance in india.  Our sources say, more than 1,00,000 people have uninstalled Snapdeal app from their smartphones. needless to say, Snapdeal has got downgraded because of Aamir Khan’s affiliation with the Giant Online retailer of India.

Do these actors even realize that they are what they are because of tremendous love and support given to them by their millions of fans in this country. had there been no tolerance in this country then a majority of people would not have accepted them because of their last name only 🙂 jus kidding..

Now, one thing is for sure, forget abouta amir khan, people are not even being tolerant enough towards brands (read snapdeal) these actors endorse. it’s time that brands should reconsider hiring such actors as brand ambassadors, who keep using the Bhonktantra (read loktantra..lol ) for their nefarious anti national propaganda.