Arnab Goswami slams #AawardWapsi brigade and Bollywood stars for their silence on #Malda

Arnab Malda

Its a must watch 5 minutes video. Why is Arnab furious on so called Award Wapsi brigade, Intolerant artists, and so called secular media? Arnab Can’t resist their silence on Malda riots.

Now Where is Award Wapsi Gang? Where is Intolerant Amir khan & wife, where is No 1 Tax payer Shahrukh Khan? Where is Arvind Kejriwal? Where is NDTV?

Arnab is in no mood to spare these so called intellectuals in this video.

Appreciate the courage shown by Arnab in this show. The Nation expects same kind of non-polarity from him. Watch it guys!!

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