Arshad Warsi Ridicules PM Modi for 500-1000 demonetisation, gets trolled brutally

While actors like Rajnikanth and Anushka Sharma supported the PM’s move, Arshad Warsi criticised him in a series of tweets.Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move on the eve of the US elections to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes from November 9 has been met with mixed reactions.  But Arshad warsi Couldn’t Didn’t seem to agree with rest of the nation. So here is what he did.

अरशद वारसी ने ट्विटर पर मोदी जी को Rs 500 और  Rs 1,000  नोट बैन के विषय में झट पट 4-5 ट्वीट कर डाले और उनमे अनाप शनाप बोल डाला और फिर जो हुआ वो अगले पेज पर जरूर देखें 

Being a well known AAP supporter and actor Arshad Warsi, didnt feel the same way and he was unhappy with Modi ji, So, he decided to take out his frustration on Twitter and wow he got brutally thrashed by Twitterati on the Spot.

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