Big News : Kejriwal Govt. Issues Biggest Fatwah against Hindus that will make your Blood Boil


The Left Lean Kejriwal government’s Anti Hindu,and anti national stance is always clear even before he came to power in Delhi after he promised to start a probe into Batla House encounter. But this time, he has crossed all his limits of Vote bank appeasement.

केजरीवाल के देश और हिन्दू धर्म से दुश्मनी कोई नहीं है l इस बात को सभी हिन्दू भली भाँती जानते है पर इस बार दिल्ली में AAP Party की सरकार ने लिया है ऐसा फैसला जिससे हर हिन्दू का खून खौल उठेगा l

Kejriwal govt. is nothing short of how Mamta Banerjee is playing her Jihadi game in west bengal. but, this Time, Delhi Govt, led by Kejriwal is taking an action which is the biggest attack on Hindus which even the British and Mughal invaders couldn’t dare to attempt.

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Click Next to know what Kejriwal Government is now going to do with Hindus in Delhi. This is going to make your Blood Boil