Barkha Dutt Got Royally Trolled On Twitter And It’s Spreading Like Wildfire

One among the most known journalists of our country, Barkha Dutt is known for her outspoken ways. She belongs to that section of the media which is always at loggerheads with the RSS and their ideologies. This is why she is loved by some but more than that she is hated for this. She is often accused of being biased and also trolled often. But this trolling of hers on Twitter just takes the cake! Here’s what happened.

A Twitter entity @Sarcodagama tweeted to Barkha inquiring about her book ‘This Unquiet Land’.

barkha dutt trolled on twitter

इस लड़के ने बरखा दत्त से उनकी एक किताब के बार में पूंछा और बरखा दत्त ने तुरंत उसको जवाब दिया और बदले में जो उस लड़के ने कहा वो ट्विटर पर ट्रोल के मामले में एक इतिहास बन गया 

Barkha replied, apparently a little late though, but it turned into a Historical insult on Twitter

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