#BoycottAmazon Goes Super Viral on Twitter as Amazon insults Hindus with this cheap act

Amazon India digged its own grave on Saturday night after it was found out that the company was selling door mats with Hindu gods and goddesses on their website. its highly derogatory for Hindu faith.

well, here come the Internet Hindus to avenge that on social media..its already the biggest trend on facebook and Twitter now.

#BoycottAmazon soon started trending on social media with furious people venting out their frustration on the company.

इसके बाद हिन्दूवादियों ने ट्विटर पर अमेज़न की जम कर खाल उतारी.

अगले पेज पर देखिये कैसे ट्विटर पर अक्ल ठिकाने लगायी अमेज़न की

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