#BoyCottGhariDetergent. Ghari Detergent’s Shameful New Advertisement attempts to Malign image of Holi Festival.

holi in USA

Holi is right around the corner. Colors of season are in the air. so is the propaganda of Communists Wolves inside the Media and advertising Agencies of Communist And Anti Hindu Mindset. Many Anti Hindus are spreading messages to Avoid Colors and save water bullshit to preserve environment. remember, these are the same people who would waste gallons of water in their swimming pool while they give you this farzi gyaan.

Ghari detergent brand has come up with a new advertisement where a Hindu guy wearing a Big Red Tilak is teasing a girl in the guise of playing Holi. We do agree that out of a many millions of Hindus some miscreants do misbehave with girls on Holi, but does it portray the overall character of Hindus? Definitely not.

दूसरे पेज पर जरूर देखें ये विज्ञापन जिसे देख कर हर हिन्दू का खून खौल जायेगा. अगर आपको भी लगा की ये होली के पावन त्यौहार पर कीचड उछालने का प्रयास है तो फेसबुक पर हमारे लेख को शेयर करें 

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