Breaking: Maulana offered 10 Lakh to shave Sonu Nigam’s Head. This is what Sonu did just now


NEW DELHI:  To protest a fatwa issued against him, singer Sonu Nigam stunned everyone by shaving his head today. A Muslim cleric from West Bengal had offered Rs. 10 lakh to anyone who shaved Sonu Nigam’s head. The singer accepted the cleric’s challenge and promised to shave his head in a series of tweets posted earlier today. He even asked the cleric to keep the 10 lakhs ready. Shortly after an interaction with journalists at his Juhu residence, the singer delivered on his promise and shaved his head.


On Monday, the singer sparked a controversy with his tweets after he went on a rant about being woken up by the azaan, labelling it ‘forced religiousness’. He complained about the use of loudspeakers during prayer. He even called it “gundagardi”, something that he was criticised for on Twitter. His tweets divided the micro-blogging Twitter with many accusing him of being intolerant towards Islam.

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