Women are beautiful creatures and they must be celebrated in full glory. This is what an American artist Johny Dar firmly believes in and guess what, his muse resides in India! This amazing body art designer believes in bringing a fresh new perspective of the feminine through fashion, body painting, art installations, multimedia and events. An avid traveler, Dar draws cues from the places he sees and one of them holds a very special place in his life. The country is none other than India. It is the place where he met his wife and returns often to get inspired. All of this comes to him through his extensive.


Johny Dar – an american artist, designer, body artist and singer songwriter – is pioneering an inspiring new perspective of the feminine through fashion, bodypainting, books, art installations, multimedia and events. Dar’s experience travelling the world informs much of his work, particularly the time he spent in India – where he met his wife and where he returns often for inspiration. His extensive study of different cultures and traditions across the world.  Dar developed a unique and groundbreaking style of artistic expression, which offers an original and inspiring perspective upon beauty, the human body, and the possibilities of contemporary culture.

Fashion is at the heart of all his artistic direction and his eponymous brand ‘Johny Dar’. His fascination with dressing the human body informs every aspect of his work, from print design to body art. But what really intrigued him was the Holi festival in India. The colourful streets and the vigour inspired him to venture into body art. The Indian men with painted faces and women wearing the quintessential bindis moved him to explore, decorate and celebrate the human body.