CEOs Worldwide Show strong Confidence in Modi. India Will be Successful



World-class consultancy Mecentsi & Co. CEO Dominic Barton has said that Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, the Chief Executive Officer as well as global companies are beginning to look at India as an investment priority. In the past, investors usually had an attitude towards India that it is very difficult to do business in India and its full of complex situations for business and it is difficult to work in India. In the last five years India had fallen in the priority list, but a change of government and Narendra Modi came to power at the Centre, India has again come on the priority list of investment and business. Investors want results and government is serious in this direction.
McKinsey has told its customers and investors that they should invest in India. Two years ago, they advised their clients not to invest in India were as there were not any business or investment climate in India was in the full complexity and many companies and their customers were very apprehensive about Red Tapism and Naukarshahi in India. companies wanted to invest in Africa or America, but now things have changed. Things today are seeing globally, India is in the center. In New York’s Madison Square Narendra Modi’s speech followed speech in Sydney Elfons Arena has improved the country’s image in the global investor community. People are saying that he is very resolute person.


Japan has been the victim of the economic downturn. The level of economic growth in China is at its lowest level in 20 years. Europe is struggling. In such circumstances, India can be seen in the best conditions in the world economy seems able to provide stability and balance. India expects world growth. World’s 40 percent growth rate last year was obtained from China. Barton said the US economy is recovering is being witnessed. Balanced Growth is expected from India which is impossible. Urbanization in China also increased to 50 per cent stake in the future development of the indicator is attractive.

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