Big Expose : Is this Why A Devout Hindu Jayalalithaa was Given a Christian ‘Burial’ and Not ‘Cremation’?

Unlike other Dravidian leaders, J Jayalalithaa was a Devout Hindu believer who used to pray regularly and be seen with an Iyengar Namam (Tilak ) on her forehead. Still, why did the state government and the Sasikala family decide to bury her instead of a cremation – an obvious ritual for Iyengars.

The Dravid politics that Jayalalithaa dominated for nearly three decades is inherently Pseudo atheistic and Anti Hindu in Nature. All major Dravid leaders, like Periyar, Annadurai and MGR were buried.

Since she was a Hindu believer, it is obvious that people expect her being cremated after death.  But this Aryan Dravidian Divide and rule Politics did not let Amma to be cremated. What an Irony ?

But Do you know that Aryan Dravidian Theory is fake and the fact is North Indian Hindus and south Indian Hindus have same blood and Genes? But how does it bother us, anyway, we have things to do such as going for shopping, boozing and Etc.

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