Did Kejriwal Himself Organize The Ink Attack On Him ? See VIDEO And Decide

arvind-kejriwal ink attack

Arvind Kejriwal was ink-attacked by a woman, Bhavna Arora, who has been claimed to be a member of the Aam AAdmi Sena, which is alleged to be a rebel group of the AAP. Soon after the incident, there were rumours that this was a planned event and that the woman was well-associated with AAP, but here’s a video which suggests that Kejriwal could have ‘organized’ this attack, for political gains and mud-slinging his opponents.

Kejriwal is seen gesturing in the video, right before the attack. Was this a gesture a ‘go ahead, signal?

See the VIDEO and decide yourself:

Page 2 : Full VIDEO of the ink attack on Kejriwal