Do you know? the 5 countries with highest possibility of eartquakes


At 7:30 this morning A strong vibration shook us all and we got scared by the possibility of an earthquake. Soon after the social media was flooded with the posts and messages related to the earthquake, it turned out that center of this quake was Tajikistan and it was felt in northern parts of India too. Earthquakes are product of tectonic plates shifting on the upper crust of the earth. Your geographical location does matter If you are concerned for your safety.

Here is a list of 5 countries with highest possibility of earthquakes –


  1. JAPAN

If there was a competition of bearing calamities and standing back on the foot, Japan will win it sure. Japan has the highest risk of earthquakes due to its location on the Pacific’s “ring of fire”. This country has witnessed the maximum number of high intensity earthquakes in the past in which 2011 earthquake was the one which attracted the attention from the whole world as Fukushima nuclear reactor had some leakage of nuclear waste in the pacific sea.