Every Hindu will be Proud of Shooter Heena Sidhu after her Bold Step on Hijab

India’s ace shooter Heena Sidhu has made a bold statement by refusing to wear the hijab for competing in an Airgun competititon in Iran. The tournament, Asian Airgun Shooting Championship, is slated to be held in December in Tehran.

“Forcing tourists or foreign guests to wear ‘hijab’ is against the spirit of the game. Since I don’t like it, I have withdrawn my name,” Heena told Times of India. “You follow your religion and let me follow mine. I’ll not participate in this competition if you are going to force me to comply with your religious beliefs,” she said.

The organisers have made it clear on their official website that the female contestants will have to wear clothes in compliance with the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Later, in a series of tweets, she justified her decision and thrashed Iran in her mind blowing Tweets

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