Hindu Temple attacked in Pakistan, Hindu minority in Fear and Panic

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Three pistol-waving bearded men attacked a 60-year-old temple in Pakistan’s largest city and desecrated the idol of a Hindu deity, leading to fear among the minority community here, a media report said on Tuesday.

“The people are afraid of coming here for puja now after the attack,” said Pujari Maharaj Hira Lal.

He was explaining about the unfortunate incident on 21st January when during Durga puja there, three bearded men in shalwar and kameez attacked the place, waving TT pistols and ordering everyone to stop and get out and desecrated the Holy Idol of Bhavani Mata, due to which the beautiful and sacred idol lost one of its left arms. “We don’t know who those men were. We have never seen them before,” the Pujari Maharaj (Hindu Priest) said.

Know the Historical background of this Holy Temple

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