Why Hitler was so fascinated with Ancient India and Holy Symbol Swastika?

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Swastika is an ancient symbol of Vedic Aryans Of Aryavarta (India) that has brought luck and joy for centuries to all mankind all over the world and continues to do so in the present days. It is a symbol which stands for truth, compassion, tolerance and happiness. It was worshiped as a symbol of good fortune universally long before Hitler’s use of it to symbolize his evil dictatorship.

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The swastika is one of the most recognizable symbols in India, and is a part of the Indian culture in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, representing an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “well being.” The hooked cross symbol of the swastika has a rich history, dating back thousands of years.

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It was only this past century that the symbol grew a completely different meaning and became the symbol of suppression and inhuman extermination.

Swastika or Svastika, the universal and most revered symbol of auspiciousness, good luck and wellness is also often gets liked to Hitler’s Nazi Army.

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