Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s Claim of Hafiz Saeed backing JNU Incident is based on Security agencies Inputs

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Today we noticed high profile drama of notorious politics done by opposition parties in India and media Channels where in #RajnathGoofsUp is trending on Twitter  and Facebook. All these individuals are claiming that Rajnath Singh’s claim is based on a Fake Twitter account of Hafiz Saeed instead Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that the JNU event had received “support” from terror outfit LeT founder Hafiz Saeed was based on inputs from “different security agencies”, a Home Ministry spokesperson said.

People getting angry on this News piece simply following a Online trend and do not understand that Home Ministry Doesn’t work this way. Ministry has sources to get information and they don’t just make statement before crosschecking thing.

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Indeed Twitter has lots of Parody(Fake) accounts and the alleged tweet was made by an fake account of Hafiz Saeed stating that he supports JNU’s Anti National Protest but Government officials don’t go by these things they can easily verify whether its a fake or original account. Rajnath Singh’s claim was based on Security agencies inputs and the responsible individuals behind will not be spared.

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