How John Lennon fell in love with India?

Beatles, John Lennon

Anyone who knows western music knows about The Beatles.  It was the most celebrated band ever in the early 1960s and an era after it in the United Kingdom.  Band leader John Lennon is one of the world’s most renowned artists also known for his keen interest in giving message of peace and unity across the world.

John Lennon met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Rishikesh in August of the year 1967. The idea of meditation and achieving a state of absolute transcendental state befitted him. He said in one of his early interviews with the British news Channel that he was mesmerized almost hypnotized by ancient Indian knowledge. He also found that they inspired peace an enmity among all creatures of the planet irrespective of their class, creed, religion and race. He propelled an important revolution of Indian culture upon the western masses.

On February 1968 John Lennon along with his band, manager, and assistant flew to India, to take a course on transcendental meditation in Rishikesh. John Lennon’s said the interview, “When I first saw India, I was more in love with what I felt there rather then what I saw.” He later tried to learn Sitar from Pandit Ravi Shankar who was very popular in United Kingdom at that time.

Most of the Beatles Song was written by John Lennon in India. Songs like “Dear Prudence” and “Sgt Pipers” this is why it is also known as the most creative period of the band. Later when the band disbanded and John Lennon was with Yoko Ono he left his memory of India in the song called “India, India” which never actually saw the light of the day until recently.

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By Ankit Srivastava