#MakeInIndia: Here is India’s 1st 100% Indian App Store for your SmartPhones. #ShiningIndia #ModiVision

Title – India’s new Technology Trend is accepted by 1 Million+ Indians. Have you?

To all those who have remained away from the apps even after carrying a smartphone, this is the evolution to them.
To all those who were struggling while using the apps in one language only, i.e., English, this is the nation – wide call.

Yes, this is proved by the Indians!
Yes, this is made by the Indians!

Yes, gone are the days when you will be using the apps in one language. With nearly 80 percent of the Indian population who speaks in various dialects, it became the necessary for the apps to come out in different dialects. Considering this main fact, a group of Indians came forward for the Indians and developed a marvel in the field of technology. A technology that would come to the rescue to all the people by making the apps available in 7 different languages was developed. Accepted by 1 Million users, this is India App Stores

The rising trend of India –

India App Stores is an android based application store which is simply designed to give its users a facility of providing them with applications in different dialects. When the app store was launched earlier this year, the clue to its reach was beyond the imagination. More than the developers of this app store expected it proved to be the rising trend in the nation. With a population of 1.3 billion people in the country, the app store has solved the concern for the majority. With this app store, people now can have access to android based applications in the different dialects. Precisely, in languages, they speak & providing a Marketplace where developer can Buy and Sell Ready Made android Apps.

It is not our words but the facts which say that nearly 10,000 developers have joined this revolution. The number of apps uploaded in the store has gone beyond 6,500. The figures have hit the developers community quite hard and have shaken them deeply. Now, the only thing that remains here is when are you turning into an IASian.

This is what many of them were found saying about India App Stores –

“A war worth joining!”
“What? What on earth made this app store took so much time to reveal itself?”
“I am an IASian, I am an Indian and I am proud of my language.”
“Why didn’t you tell me before?”
“No matter what, I am in and I am making my language big”

This is the support, India App Stores is receiving. This is the faith, India App Stores is getting. These are the words that are marking the emergence of a power which will take over everyone under its influence and make the Indian languages more famous than ever.

Our country is a power house of many unexpected things and India App Stores is the right epitome of this fact. Accepted by nearly 10 lakh Indians, this app store hasn’t just become the “talk of towns” for name sake but has become the revolution. Join the revolution and contribute to the collective growth of our country now.

To every Indian who has become a part of India App Stores, this is a token of congratulations to them.