Is India #intolerant? 5 facts to disprove intolerant #India theory

Modi With muslims

Indian media is booming with arguments over increasing ‘intolerance’ in the country. I see narratives after narratives being recited by the experts. It is sometimes funny how media revolves around one question and never talks about solutions. A movement that began with writers returning their award was followed by some of the Country’s most ambitious Scientists, Historians and Filmmakers. Media seems to be divided between two different opinions. The rest of the India seems to be puzzled. Truly India has become intolerant and Social Media has become its weapon. India’s becoming intolerant has nothing to do with any religion or race.

When in Gandhi’s image Anna Hazare fasted against corruption with Congress at the center. People who swarmed in support were intolerant. Everything started from that day and followed through the “Public Display” of intolerance after brutal rape of a girl in Delhi. In fact people’s anger followed through the biggest election in the world. Congress was thrown from the center with not even enough seats to be in opposition.

Modi With muslims21. There has been violence in Uttar Pradesh before Modi government took seat

Why are people sticking to the rhetoric that Dadri killing was associated with Modi? It seems to be politically motivated more than an honest refusal to associate with ‘alleged communist’ agenda. It reveals at large to the mass, the association between these eminent people and the congress party. Since the beginning of this winter session, ‘the self-proclaimed’ opposition is trying to divert the house into debate about intolerance. Many riots happened in Uttar Pradesh and the responsible government is not even being asked this question because it has a minority friendly outlook.