It’s Official, NDTV is Finally on its knees: End of an Evil Era

The news coverage of the NDTV 24X7 channel in the month of June 2016, which included a debate on doing away with the triple talaq method of divorce among the Indian Muslim community, followed by an exclusive on the controversy surrounding Robert Vadra’s alleged benami transactions with arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari, were both news reports from NDTV that surprised many.  but what could be the reason behind this? This is largely because NDTV Group’s flagship product NDTV 24X7 has always been perceived as a channel which is ideologically left leaning, and some may say in the habit of deliberately disregarding controversial issues which would be viewed as interference in the religious practices of minorities in India.

And while NDTV 24X7 has previously reported on Robert Vadra’s alleged involvement in dodgy land deals; the kind of doggedness that has characterized its exclusive on Robert Vadra, rather unusually brought about several angry reactions directed towards the NDTV Group, from Congress leaders on social media; something which probably never occurred before. It is with some justification then that one wonders if this obvious change in the pattern of NDTV’s reportage is really a conscious tactical move to endear itself to the incumbent powers that be. On Next page please also watch this awesome Video when NDTV anchor Exposed on Live TV – BJP spokesman thrashes all anti Indian speakers

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