Japan demoes Wireless Power Transmission. Is it the start of Tesla’s Dream of Free energy to all?


The scientists at Japanese space agency JAXA have successfully conducted an experiment where-in they sent 1.8 kilowatts of electricity 170 feet through the air, in the form of microwave radiation.

Nikola Tesla, Free enrgy
Nikola Tesla, Free enrgy

“Doing this on large scale will solve the energy crisis” as stated in the past by Nikola Tesla(Revolutionary Scientist), He discovered ways to transfer power remotely but feared that his inventions would be manipulated in the interest of few people only and this power of endless energy from space can serve as a deadly weapon on will. So he destroyed his research work and hid the formulas.

This recent discovery means a lot for mankind. Scientists have to develop a way to do this on huge scale. For this to happen on large scale JAXA is planning to take this to a whole new level by installing a facility in the space which will orbit earth from more than 22,000 miles away. Lets hope for a successful attempt.

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