CM Kejriwal abuses PM Modi, breaks the law. Should he be jailed?

kejriawal 2

Delhi’s Chief Minister’s office was raided by CBI early today on15 December. The raids were conducted on Kejriwal’s Secretary Mr. Rajendra Kumar about whom CBI had informed Kejriwal earlier. CBI alleged that Mr. Rajendra was involved in a Bribery case. When the CBI started to investigate the case, they informed Kejriwal. Due to the lack of response from the CM’s side they finally decided to raid the office as they were in fear that evidence could be tormented.

Kejriwal who is so much adamant on taking out his vendetta over PM Modi, lashed out through series of tweets. kejriwal 1Many people came out and pointed that it is the first time when a person holding an honorable chair of Chief Minister have dumbed himself down to physical and cheap abuses. Ignoring the fact that in his political agenda ignoring that fact that he holds the highest post in a state is abusing the highest post of the Government of India. It has become too normal and we are not even taking a note of how, people nowadays have started abusing the Leader of the biggest democracy in the world that too, to the leader who came into power backed up by the biggest mandate in the history of Democracy.