Scam Alert! OMG 10 lakh followers in 10 days on Twitter!


Ever since Kejriwal got into politics his only agenda has been publicity. He is probably one person who has spent highest budget on media to get publicity. It”™s no secret that Kejriwal has a separate Social Media unit of the AAP which runs tags in favour of kejriwal, attack those who criticize the Delhi CM. This team is mainly known for the abusive tags they trend against anyone who questions Kejriwal.



This is indeed funny but true. Few Social Media groups keep a close watch on all big accounts, they recently noticed something very unusual about Kejriwal”™s account. They say, those who have followed Kejriwal’s twitter followers since 2015 Delhi elections would know he had followers between 4-5 Million. In around one and half years his twitter followers increased to 7-8 Million followers. But all of a sudden in a span of 10 days his followers have gone from 8 Million to 9 Million! Yes he got 10 Lakh followers just in 10 days.


This unusual increase in numbers put a lot of questions and the team wanted to know the truth. It took almost a week for a team with more than 10 people to verify each account.

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