Leaked: This Indian Army Documentary Video will make any True Indian Proud

While Kanhaiya Kumar supporters and JNU anti nationalist brigade think that Indian army rapes women in kashmir, let us show you a video that will change your mind about Indian Army completely.

Indian Army is known as one of the deadliest armed forces in the world with experience of having fought in maximum number of wars and numerous rescue operations. Indian defense forces have world class experience in handling and defying insurgency better than any other nation in the world. Thanks to rising Islamic Terrorism, leftist supported Naxalite insurgent movements and Christian Terrorism in North East India by groups like NSCN-IM who claim to make a separate state called ‘Nagaland for christ’ and kill those who refuse to convert to Christianity. 

We have brought this amazing documentary video of Indian Army which will make  you feel why you must love your Indian Army and why all Indians must support them..

अगले पेज पर भारतीय आर्मी के बारे में ये जानकर आप दंग रह जायेंगे 

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