Crux of the meeting between PM Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in 5 points

Modi Abe meeting

The Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe came to India for three days visit. In these three days a lot many things have come out due to the willingness of Japanese Prime Minister and Prime Minister Modi’s extraordinary ability of negotiation.

1. Nuclear Pact for peaceful Purposes India after striking a deal with PM Abbot in Australia over the same issue struck the same thing with Prime Minister Abe. Both Countries have signed a deal signaling a long participation in the area of Power and Energy.

2. The Deal on the Bullet Train Japan agreed to fund $12 Billion to build a high speed rail network between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Both countries mutually agreed to work together in the field of Transport and Railways.

Modi Abe meeting

3. Vacation in Varanasi Mr. Modi took the Prime Minister of Japan on a sojourn to Varanasi a city residing on the holy river of Ganges. Prime Minister later tweeted “The Hindu rituals on the holy banks of the Ganges–the flickering candles, the fragrance of flowers–were beautiful and fantastic. They gave a sense of people’s prayers for peace.”

4. Joint Naval Exercises Mr. Modi and Mr. Abe announced a joint exercise to participate on a regular basis in the India-U.S. Malabar naval exercises, This, they said, would be a step forward in creating stronger capabilities to deal with maritime challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, including a focus on enhancing disaster response and mitigation capacity.

Modi Abe meeting 2

5. Defense Diplomacy Mr. Modi and Mr. Abe announced a deeper and a closer defense ties between the two nations. Japan has agreed to share equipment as well as Technologies. In their own words “potential future projects of defense equipment and technology cooperation” was mutually agreed on both sides.