Breaking: Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad goes absolutely Bold and gives this Massive statement on Muslims in India

BJP and its many leaders have been often falsely accused by leftist/ Communist parties for harassing muslims and creating environment of fear among minorities specially muslims community, and to some extent, this also works positively in a way for BJP’s Hindutva Voter who also needs to feel a sense of security in today’s era when ISIS is practically invading almost every country.

even in the western countries which are otherwise known for their well organised intelligence, law and order system, they are facing wrath of Islamic Terror.

in such a time, when BJP is in absolute power in almost all major states of India. it is noteworthy to listen to this massive and outright Bold statement on Indian Muslims by BJP’S top leader and India’s Law minister Ravi shankar prasad. no one, not even modi ji would have expected this from ravi shankar prasad all of a sudden.

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