Breaking: सुप्रीम कोर्ट के इस फैसले के बाद कश्मीर से धारा 370 हटाने का रास्ता हुआ साफ़


While journalists pounce upon even a singular incident of stone pelting in the valley, they have ironically gone quiet on Supreme Court of India rejecting J&K High Court ruling. The highest court of the country found it ‘disturbing’ that several parts of a judgment in appeal passed by the J&K High Court talked about the ‘absolute sovereignty’ of the Jammu and Kashmir State.

The SC bench made it clear to point out that residents of J&K state are first and foremost the ‘citizens of India.’


The HC had earlier asserted J&K state’s “sovereignty” and “sovereign powers” in its judgment.

The SC today said that the state ““has no vestige of sovereignty outside the Constitution of India”

The bench also rejected the view that the J&K Constitution was equal to the Constitution of India.

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