Mysterious: 13 Miles long Hindu Sri Yantra appeared in Oregon USA, Scientists go clueless

UFO’s? Government Conspiracy? Man Made? Who or what created the the massive design in the Oregon Desert over 25 years ago?

Interestingly, the skies above the Sri Yantra are regularly used as part of the Idaho Air National Guard’s pilot training area. According to the lieutenant pilot who first spotted the huge Pattern on August 10, no pilots had reported a design-in-progress; the Pattern had simply ‘appeared’ one day.

On August 10, 1990, Bill Miller, a pilot in the Idaho Air National Guard, noticed a huge etching on a dried-up lake-bed while flying over it, in Oregon State in the United States. The massiv e formation was a quarter of a mile in width and was etched 3 inches deep into the surface. In his earlier round about 30 minutes before Miller first noticed the glyph, there had been no trace of this formation.

desert sri sri-yantra from 9000 ft

Neither had any of the other pilots of the Idaho National Guard (who regularly train over this corridor), observed any unusual activity or a design-in-process in this area. The etching simply appeared one morning. There was no possibility of any of the other pilots having missed such a prominent formation in process of being made. “you can also watch the video on 4th page”

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