16 December(Remembering Nirbhaya) : Juvinile Nirbhaya Rapist to be set free and Get Rs.10000 and a sewing machine as reward by Kejriwal Government in Delhi

Today is 16th December, one of the most shameful days of our country, when a young girl, Nirbhaya was brutally Gangraped and murdered by a few men, in a moving Bus, in Delhi. All the accused were caught and and sent to the Jail,However, one of the Rapists was 17 years and a few months old at the time of the rape. which is why he was sent to Juvenile custody. Not many of us are aware, that this youngest rapist was the most brutal to Nirbhaya among all rapists. He was the one who literally inserted an Iron Rod inside the brave daughter of this Country.

3 years down the lane-

Delhi government has decided to give Rs.10000 and a Sewing machine to the Juvenile rapist so that he can start a fresh life as a tailor.

On the other hand- 

While the Intelligence reports say that the brutal Juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya murder and rape case has become a Islamic Jihadi. Subramanian Swamy  seeks his continued detention, claiming that such kind of a person deserves to live with animals only and not in the civil society. he has requested the court to extend his detention.

“The juvenile convict should be kept with wild animals for committing such heinous crime. It is dangerous to free such people. There are certain flaws in our law. The juvenile laws are applicable only for people committing crimes like stealing food or bicycle but this law is not applicable for such kind of heinous crimes,” said Swamy.

A Policemen beating a female protester at India Gate, New Delhi.
A Policemen beating a female protester at India Gate, New Delhi.

Please write your opinion in comments section below on whether the Juvenile should get Rs. 10000 and a Sewing machine as a reward to brutally rape and murder Nirbhaya and to start a fresh life or he should be staying behind bars forever?