Recent Discovery Proves Vimanika Shastra Is Not a Myth Book But Aeronautical Engineering Manual

Vimanika Shastra has 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters and was attributed by Shastry to Maharishi Bharadvaja, which makes it of purportedly “ancient” origin, and there for it has a certain notability in ancient astronaut theories.

Most of the knowledge given in Vaimanika Shastra on constructing aeroplanes, fighter jets were lost due to series of invasions happening in India. Nalanda University had original Vedic texts and Vaimanika Shastra which was destroyed when an illiterate muslim of Bakhtiyar Khilji demolished the world’s most ancient University. It was later telepathically delivered to an Indian Sage by Rishi Bhardwaj.

In absence of detailed guidance on the preparation of Vimanas; A manual which can give insights from scratch is missing, even revival is not easy since it requires knowledge of several mantras, required during construction of aircrafts, which is not with modern Indians as they are blindfolded chasing western theories. 

Here is a list of some secrets from Vaimanika Shastra According to David Hatcher Childress :
> secrets for the construction of airplanes, how to avoid break them, cut them, set them on fire and destroy them;
> secret to immobilize the airplane;
> secret cloaking technology for the airplane;
> to listen to the enemy’s secret conversations in other places;
> recupereare secret photographs of the interior of enemy planes;
> secret to ascertain the direction of an aircraft approaching enemy;
> secret to lose consciousness to the pilots of enemy planes;
> secret of destroying enemy planes.

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