Shahrukh Khan Salutes Pakistan, Social Media Pissed off with him again- Video goes Viral on whatsapp


After His insensitive remark on Rising ‘Intolerance’ in India. Shahrukh Khan has got himself into trouble again after greeting his Fans in Pakistan.

In this Video, Shahrukh Khan begins speaking in Hindi with Saying ‘Salaam Alaikum’    “Hi, everybody, I am Shahrukh Khan, sabhi Pakistaniyon ko mera salaam.  

What really Pisses off the Social Media Geeks, is that he finds India an ‘Extremely intolerant Country’ which has made him a big Billionaire Superstar that he is today, yet he bows down and says ‘Salaam Alaikum’ to Pakistan, which is the officially declared, biggest enemy country of India, which has killed thousands of our soldiers and innocent civilians in ambushes and Deadly Terrorist attacks.

Is Shahrukh Khan showing his Religious loyalty to Pakistan to sell his Movie Tickets? if that is so, then it’s a very cheap marketing tactic.

People are using #TraitorShahrukh to protest against him online.