Shocking: Meenakshi Leki on Threats of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in INDIA

meenakshi lekhi

Menaakshi lekhi, the BJP MP from Delhi has given a truthful picture of the scenario of the Bangladeshi muslims problem in India. Please watch the video on the next page to understand the issue and the consequences you have to face in the future.

bangladeshi muslim problems in india 2

Bangladesh has pushed a staggering 25- 30% of its population into India for this purpose. Six thousand Bangladeshis infiltrate India every day. Over 5 crore Bangladeshi infiltrators have now taken over all means of earning of Indian people. Their sheer numbers makes them a deciding factor in NE politics. These bangladeshis help terrorists in attacks inside india, they provide maps and amunition to naxals.

bangladeshi muslim problems in india


In short these people pose different kinds of threats to India like:
1. They take away livelihood of Indians
2. They poach upon farm animals of Indian natives (Bangladeshis illegally transport 20,000 cows to Bangladesh for slaughter every day.
3. They pose a very big security threat as they abet crimes, bomb blasts and narcotics trade.)
4. They harbour sleeper cells of at least 5000 terrorists to be used at an opportune moment against India.
5. They cost our government in terms of an added population of 5 crore people demanding heavily on health services etc., law and order, habilitation etc.
5. They send back at least 15,000 crore rupees back to Bangladesh every year which is dent on regional economy
6. They commit crimes in India and go absconding back to Bangladesh
7. They vote en block so that their political interests are served at their will.

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