Shocking Video: Man punches a wild Kangaroo in the face to rescue his Dog


A group of hunters got together to help a young cancer sufferer (terminal diagnosis) with his last wish of catching a 100 kg (220 pound) wild boar with his dogs. One day while hunting one of the highly trained dogs was chasing some pigs by scent and collided with a big buck kangaroo that then held and wrestled the dog by its protective gear (boars have tusks like knives), the owner was horrified that his dog or the kangaroo would get hurt and run in to save both parties. You can see the dog trying to escape, wanting nothing to do with the kangaroo. Then the hunter shows this kangaroo a magic jaw breaker which stuns this wild beast. Watch the full original video here.

Watch the video here:

This Video is originally uploaded on ViralHog YouTube Channel