Shocking: What’s the Secret of tunnel found in Delhi Vidhansabha building

In the War of Independence, the land which got red with the blood of revolutionaries, a tunnel has been found in the Delhi Assembly(Vidhansabha).which was used to bring those revolutionaries to the gallows for delivering death to them. 

The length of the tunnel is being seen as almost seven kilometers, which goes as far till the Red Fort. The tunnel is considered very important, because many revolutionary were brought through this tunnel to be hanged in the Delhi Assembly and the swang on the gallows (फांसी का फंदा ) laughing.

 image of tunnel opening
actual image of tunnel opening

There is solid evidence in the history that the present Delhi Assembly building was used used as a British court during the last days of the freedom struggle in India. Its time, from 1926-27 to 1947, is believed to be before independence. This House of Assembly in the same building where the current parliamentary sessions take place, a British court used to be held where the Indian revolutionaries were sentenced. Freedom fighters imprisoned in the Red Fort were brought here through the tunnel from the Red Fort. In the backyard of the main building of the Delhi Assembly  there was a Gallows (hanging room) where revolutionaries Were hanged by the dictator regime of British empire.

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