#ShutDownJadavpurUniversity goes Viral as students now repeat JNU Anti national slogans

Kolkata: Jadavpur University in West Bengal today same anti national and seditious slogans have been raised by some radical students as were in the JNU. These are just the same kind of anti national slogans which were shouted by the students on the night of February 9 inside JNU campus. We are repeatedly telling that its a fire which must be strictly controlled as soon as possible or else nobody will be able to quench the fire of separatism in this country. in solidarity with Anti national JNU students who were involved in treason, today in support of those students, some students and pseudo-intellectuals of Jadavpur University in Kolkata held a march in which there was same kind of radical and anti India hate sloganeering like that happened in JNU

Today, Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed and his militant supporters will be very happy because some people are helping them to push forward and achieve their agenda of dismembering India into multiple parts. Even Hafiz Saeed would not have expected our country’s so called intellectuals and some students would help him in such a way.  The Big question is the virus of hatred towards the country that is spreading like a fire in Indian students, Who is preparing the software for it.

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