#ShutDownJNU: Rohit Sardana And Arnab Goswami Teach a tough lesson to Anti-National JNU Leaders

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The recent protests by a group of JNU students against the ‘judicial killing’ of Afzal Guru have become a hot topic in the nation, with the entire nation enraged against these anti-nationals. These students not just insulted the Supreme Court by terming Afzal’s hanging unjust, but also went on to shout anti-India slogans and slogans like ‘Pakistan zindabad’.

This was not the end of this saga. The group of students also tried to justify this protest of theirs, which is just outright ridiculous. But the leader of this group, Omer Khalid was in a nightmare when he participated in a debate on the issue with Rohit Sardana. Sambit Patra and Rakesh Sinha also participated in this debate. Rohit Sardana not just taught Omer a lesson but also made his group realize what a bunch of ridiculous anti-nationalists they are.

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