SIMI terrorists killed jail guard But Burkha Dutt is Busy defending terrorists in series of tweets, Here is what she said

We as a whole know in which side Controversial Journalist Barkha Dutt is, with regards to Human rights, each media house, each common government official and all so called activists are blindly supporting the Terrorists, would it say it isn’t criticizing our security powers and their penances? Psychological militants got away from the prison after fiercely killing a conventional cop (imprison monitor)!! His life has no esteem according to Barkha and Group?? What they are attempting to accomplish by transparently supporting psychological oppressors from SIMI!!

Barkha has issue with Police, Rana Ayyub has issue with police and all other presstitute media has issue with Police, since they simply rebuffed the most risky fear based oppressors in India who needed to see the pulverization of Indian state! Prior we have seen the exercises of Barkha and organization, there were questions with respect to her one-sided reporting and expert Pakistan remain on numerous open deliberations! These tweets only one day after the episode demonstrated that they are not going to change but rather will continue to boost the morale of the enemies of our country

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