Shhh! ..THIS Is Your Deepest, Darkest Secret According To Your Zodiac Sign…

Outside our home, we are all loving, correctly adjusted human beings. But all of us, deep inside, have secrets. We are hiding these secrets so deep that sometimes even we are not aware of them.

Each Zodiac sign hides a secret from the outside world. Here are the deepest ‘darkest’ secrets of the Zodiac signs:

Aries is actually soft. As bold and as tough on the outside, deep down, you’re a real softy. You secretly crave love and attention. And sometimes, you’re too damn shy to admit to the fact that you want people to be around you 24 hours per day. You also refrain from expressions of love lest you put someone in the position to play around with your feelings.

Taurus doesn’t really trust anyone. When put in the spot, your past experiences can have you feeling quite insecure and distrustful. Once you’re sure of the person you want to spend your life with, however, you give them your all – including your trust!

Gemini is extremely cautious. While you do trust, it’s with caution. There are only a handful of people you genuinely trust. But you also fear that they may break it and use your insecurities against you. That’s one of the reasons you rarely open up to people.

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