The Mysterious Fire Yogi – How and why a hindu monk sits on Fire everyday?


R.Rambhau Swami is a 63 years old Hindu Sadhu (Monk) from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, Bharat (India). He is more popularly known as The Fire Yogi, as the names suggests, literally sits on Blazing Fire and meditates in his own exclusive way to transcend and become ‘One’ with the Fire.  The Fire Yogi claims that since 1975 he consumes only a few drops of water, 1 banana and just one cup of milk everyday. Shri Rambhau ji sleeps only for 3 hours a day. scientifically talking, Fire Yogi should be famished and dehydrated by all means now.

However, even after going through Multiple lab tests conducted by top shot Research labs and organizations of U.SA, The Fire Yogi remains a mystery to the modern science.

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