These 5 Indian organizations have Decided to not Celebrate Republic day on this 26th January

The Last organization in this list will make your Blood Boil


The Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) is a Naga nationalist Christian armed Terrorist outfit in NorthEast India, group operating mainly in Northeast India, The motto of the organisation is to establish a sovereign state, called “Nagalim”, or better known as ‘Nagaland for Christ’. They hate India and all Indians.


It’s a banned Terrorist outfit in India that has a cadre of  many thousands Terrorists well armed in the name of Jesus Christ, they have killed hundreds of people in North east India, in last 20 years. They have Heavy Machine guns, Ak-47s, bombs, grenades and rocket launchers and Religious Fanatic youth out there to kill or convert any non Christians in North east India.

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