This daring Girl Exposes the Hidden Story of Ramjas Anti National Protests . Paid Media Will Not show you

ABVP has been accused by an openly biased media that it attacked ‘students’ of AISA during Ramjas brawl while conveniently forgetting that ABVP also comprises of ‘students.’

But This DU Girl goes an extra mile and dares to Expose the shocking Truth Behind Ramjas Anti national Protests and you will be Horrified to Know the Truth

The AISA activists are painting one side of the story claiming that they were attacked and their female students were molested. Eager to earn quick publicity some hashtag campaigns in the support of AISA have been launched with some media houses cheering them on.

But yet they fail to report that there is another side of the story too. Case in point is of Prerna Bhardwaj who was assaulted by AISA activists during the Ramjas brawl.

Click Next to See the the Horrifying Truth Behind Massive Anti National Protests at Ramjas College, which Sickular, Liberal Retard Media is not going to show you at any cost.