Top 10 Hindus of 2016 who helped shaping a better world

Amma1o. Amma

Mata Amrtanandamayi Devi as known as Amma among her followers has embraced the world by providing food, housing, education, and medical services for the poor. Her global network of NGO’s exists in 40 countries around the world building schools, orphanages, housing, and hospitals. In the United States her organisation works for the homeless, prison inmates, victims of domestic violence. The hospital located in Amma’s ashram in Kerala provides cure to wide range of illnesses in a price which is affordable for the poor.

Chaturvedi Swami

9.  SARPV Chaturvedi Swami

Sri S A R Prasanna Venkatachariar Chaturvedi also known as Chaturvedi Swami is master in numerous languages, His name Chaturvedi Swami Denotes his deep knowledge in Vedas. He is guru of another level, he often gives speeches on Artifical Intelligence, Genealogy, Geology, Cosmology,Cloning, Bio-technology, Nano-technology,Virtual Reality, Human Rights, Good Governance, Arts & Culture, Musicology, Nuclear & hazardous waste management, Ethics, Spirituality, Religion,Temple Architecture etc.

Chaturvedi Swami JI devote majority of his time in social activities through 2 trusts, Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust (SRMT) and Sri Bhashyakara Charitable Trust(SBCT). SBCT deals with spiritual and devotional matters and SRMT, social and communal activites. He is the Founder cum Managing Trustee and continues to be the prime mover behind these Trusts.

Ravi Shankar ji

8. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar Ji well known as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a international Spiritual Guru and founder of the Art of Living Foundation created in 1981. Through his Geneva(Switzerland) based charity organisation International Association for Human Values he aims to solve problems like relieving individual stress, societal problems, violence and establishment of peace in the world.

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