VIDEO : Arvind Kejriwal’s long tongue and filthy language will put even gangsters to shame

While we talk about India as a secular country where no religion is supposed to be given any extra privileges, in the same country some people who also, ironically though, considered to be the mascots of so called pseudo secularism of India are actually spoiling this country in the name of religion by playing the divide and rule policy.. 

we all understand that caste plays an important role in Indian politics but it doesn’t mean that someone can actually stoop his level so low and so extremely cheap that you don’t even feel like watching that person’s face anymore.. welcome to Kejriwal’s big tongue 😛 politics

अगले पेज  पर केजरीवाल की नीचता की पराकाष्ठा का जीता जागता प्रमाण देखें – उसी  की लम्बी जुबानी 

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